About our assist at home project

Are you or are you aware of a friend or neighbor who needs assistance with some of the basic needs around your or their homes?
Are you or the person needing assistance no longer able to drive and needs transportation?

Are you or the person needing assistance a senior, widow / widower, single parent or a person with disability that prevents you or them from doing the basic things around your home?

We are setting three hour slots aside each month just for that purpose. Check our calendar for available dates and times.

The “Assist at Home Projects" are made up of volunteers who go to these homes twice a month and assist with chores that the in-home person has trouble completing. We are not licensed contractors, just volunteers who are willing to help with some of the basic needs.These could be things such as changing light bulbs, changing batteries in smoke alarms, basic cleaning around the house like cleaning gutters, basic lawn care like cutting grass and trimming shrubs,. We also help with grocery shopping and transportation to doctors appointments.

These projects are held only twice a month they are first come first serve.

If you are in need of assistance or know of a friend or neighbor who needs assistance please fill out the assist sign-up form. Click on the blue sign-up link below to get started.

After we recieve your information we will:

Contact you within 48 hours...

Gather information about your needs...

If we believe we may be able to help, we will schedule a site visit to your home or home of person needing assistance...

We encourage all participance who are seeking volunteer assistance to help sponsor our cause by making a one-time, a monthly or yearly donation to help offset our operating expense. Click here to start your sponsorship today.

Start you sign up process today click here.




































































































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