A community benefit Breakfast is being held for Mascotte Police Officer Jerry Flores and his family on February 1st at the Mascotte Civic Center.

For those who aren’t aware  – On the early morning hours on Saturday, December 28, Officer Flores was involved in a single-vehicle accident while attempting to stop a vehicle. His car rolled several times while he was trying to maneuver a curve and he was ejected from his patrol vehicle. While he lay hurt and unconscious, two bystanders picked through the wreckage and stole his belongings rather than call for help. The suspects were identified and arrested.

Officer Flores sustained multiple injuries from the ejection and accident itself. He has a broken pelvis, broken sternum, fractured ribs, fractures in his spinal cord, several cuts and abrasions to face and upper body, a concussion, and multiple injuries to his right knee.

On December 29 at 8 am, he went into surgery to have internal pins placed in his pelvic bone to stabilize it, as well as an external fixator to keep it in place. He will have to wear this until his pelvic bones fuse back together. He also had a brace placed on his right leg that he will have to wear 24/7 until his pelvis is healed. Rods were placed in his knee to properly stabilize and heal those injuries. In addition, will wear a full neck and chest brace to stabilize his spinal fractures while they heal. He is unable to place any weight on his legs or feet at all until healed.

What Can We Do? 

Officer Flores is home but will need a lot of medical care. He will be out of work for 6-to-8 months. Not only Flores but his wife Hope and their two young children will need a lot of loving support from the community.

A Go Fund me account has been set up at GOFUNDME or attend the benefit breakfast on February 1 from 8 am to noon at the Mascotte Civic Center, 121 N. Sunset Avenue.

50/50 drawing and silent auction is included in the fundraiser.  Contributions, such as gift certificates and business sponsorships are needed, as well as volunteers. Support one of our first responders.

Contact Amy at 352-874-0545 or Officer Abreu at the Mascotte Police Department 352-429-3393 to learn how you can help.