Jennie Robert Memorial Fund

This Fund is in honor of our loving Mom who spent the last few years of her life suffering from dementia and other illnesses which rendered her disabled. Even though she did not remember our names most of the time we were always greeted with a big smile every time we entered into her presence. We chose to take her into our home and care for her every need. I left my job to become her full-time caregiver.


Jennie was my mother-in-law who became like my child in the later stages of her life. Because of her, I gained a great awareness of compassion, patience, and mercy.


During the first months of my caregiving, my eyes were also opened to similar needs in our community and so Give A Day Foundation was founded. I wanted to help bridge the gap with people that were in need of like situations and also wanted to help non-profit organizations whose mission was to help people in the community.


Give A Day Foundation is a volunteer center, where people can join and help us address some of those needs in our community.


The Jennie Robert Memorial fund will be used to help people who choose to care for their loved ones in their homes through our Assist at Home Program. The Assist at Home Projects are made up of volunteers who go to homes and assist with chores that the in-home person has trouble completing. We are not licensed contractors, just volunteers who are willing to help with some of the basic needs. These could be things such as changing light bulbs, changing batteries in smoke alarms, basic cleaning around the home, basic lawn care like cutting grass and trimming shrubs. We also help with grocery shopping and transportation to doctors' appointments.

If you would like to honor a loved one through a memorial donation please give us the name of the person your gift is in memory/honor of, as well as the name and address of a family member or close friend you wish to notify of your gift.  After you have made your contribution, an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the designated family member or friend and a tax receipt will be sent to you.

Acknowledgement of memorial donations received:

     "In Memory of Alex Dutton"

To donate by mail, send checks or money orders to:
Give A Day Foundation Inc. 
3686 Caladesi Rd
Clermont, FL  34711