GADF Signature Programs

Our signature programs were designed with one purpose in mind, to make a better future for our seniors, single parents, those with disabilities.

To help equip and empower young men by giving them the necessary tools that will guide them in a direction that will open up possibilities to build a successful future. 


To unite our local nonprofit community through a think tank that will bring about collaboration unity.

Assist at Home program works with local seniors, single parents, and those with disabilities. We assist at homes with basic yard and home cleaning when it becomes a hardship for the homeowner to do chores due to an injury. Most of the recipients are referrals from our local rehabilitation centers that we visit each month. The majority of these events are labor driven but from time to time supplies are needed to accomplish the task at hand. Read more

Champion Circle program works for male youth ages 15-19. This program is geared towards helping our youth to become productive and active members of their community and to help equip our young men with the necessary tools and guide them in a direction that will open up possibilities to build a successful future. Read more


South Lake non profit Think Tank our intent is to come up with innovative solutions for operating an funding our organizations. To find new ways to collaborate with each other. to create a common media place with those in the community who is looking for our services will be able to find them. Read more

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