Champion Circle

What is Champion Circle:

Champion Circle is a youth empowerment program created by Give a Day Foundation (GADF) to help equip our young men with the necessary tools and guide them in a direction that will open up possibilities to build a successful future.


Champion Circle is open to young men ages 15 -19. Our program takes place over the course of 3 months June through August. Each month we have workshops and special guest speakers to assist with teaching and mentoring our young champions. Not only do we meet in a workshop setting, but the program is filled with weekly community activities also. Our program continues with one on one and group mentoring throughout the academic school year. 

Some of our activities will include tours to our fire and police departments, team building activities like law enforcement basketball challenges, mind master challenge, lion club skeet shooting, career adventures, team volunteer projects, and more.

Note: Scholarships are awarded to those Champions who attend all 7 workshops. 

Our workshops focus on the five areas listed below:

Identity discovery - Discovering the person in the mirror

Career development - Finding professions that could lead to a lifetime career

Health awareness - Learning the importance of being and staying healthy

Financial identity - Learning how to make wise choices with your money

Volunteerism - Gaining a better understanding of volunteering

In order to participate in Champion Circle, you must register for an account with GADF. You must be able to volunteer a minimum of 10 hours a month. 5 hours will be credited for attending both sessions each month.

For new members registering for Champion Circle click here  (Registration Form) to create an account.

During registration under Service, Requirement make sure you select Champion Circle.  

Once you are registered or If you already have an account, log in to your Volunteer Information Center (VIC).

Go to your My Schedule page and schedule yourself for the Champion Circle Workshops. 


After scheduling yourself for the Champion Circle workshops, you can start looking for volunteer opportunities to start accumulating the required hours needed to participate in our workshops.

(Remember 5 hours will be credited for attending both workshops so you will need an additional 5 hours each month)

For additional questions concerning Champion Circle contact: 

Otis Taylor at 352-989-4697


 Spaces are limited so don’t delay sign up today.